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About Mt. Hebron

Mt. Hebron is around 300 square miles in area, or 20 times the size of Tel-Aviv.

We are all familiar with Hebron, our ancestors city, but it is located in the heart of a huge area, home to some 16,000 Israelis altogether.

Mt. Hebron is the site of some of the most important episodes recorded in the bible, especially the book of Joshua. Here stood Abraham Avinu when he escorted the angels from Hebron to Sodom. Here is the cave that King Saul rested in during his chase after David. Here also are Carmel and Maon- the very places that David and his men called home before he became the King of Israel.

Mt. Hebron Fund

The Mt. Hebron Fund (ID no. 580616100) was established in order to encourage tourism to the State of Israel focusing on the Mt. Hebron region; To help with providing good publicity about the life within the Regional council of Mt. Hebron; To strengthen educational programs and supporting social assistance for kids and families who live in this area.

Our Goals:

Developing the Biblical sites in Mt. Hebron and Judea: The 3 angels observation point; Sussya-The ancient priestly city; and more.

Supporting publicity and promotion for the sake of Jewish presence in their ancestors’ land in Mount Hebron.

Contact Us

Mt Hebron Fund
Mytarim Industrial Park
D.N. Har Hebron
Israel 9043550

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